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Winter Wonderland

Before the New Year, the Lord was speaking to me about the upcoming winter season and that it would not look like what it has in the past. He was speaking Hope, Expectation, Joy- a winter wonderland even! He was specific in saying that this would be a time I would look forward to every year. But honestly, I struggled with receiving this Word because ugh, I hate winter. It is my least favorite of all seasons. I dislike being cold. I feel sad when I look around at God’s creation and see barrenness and dead things. Feels like there is no life. I would rather wake up to a beautiful day full of sunshine embraced in a gentle breeze as I walk in a field of flowers. Winter days feel desolate, depressing, dismal, and sometimes dark. In this season, though, Holy Spirit was revealing to me to look upon winter with the eyes of my heart and not lean on what was being seen with my natural eyes. And I’ll be completely vulnerable here-the first two weeks of the year I spent time crying my heart out to my Spiritual Mom-anxiety, disappointment and frustration. I had to get to the root this time. The Lord had to empty me so that He could fill me. And only when I emptied myself of all emotion and what I held tightly to was when I finally found rest. And a close friend once told me that “rest is the greatest form of worship.” The new way of worship for me was to let God have everything I’d been holding onto-even promises he made. I gave them back. I put them in His hands. My heart is at rest. And now I have eyes of faith bringing refreshment to the hope I lost and bringing me into a deeper place of expectation as the unveiling of God’s perfect will for my life continues to bloom and blossom.

My niece asked my sister to buy me a bath and body works fragrance called “Hope” for Christmas because my middle name is Hope. It was then that Holy Spirit was continuing to encourage me regarding the winter word he had given me through a faithful friend. And I couldn’t just dismiss it because who in the world designs a fragrance label with snowflakes, fruit, and floral blooms when it is called “winter peach marshmallow?!” Makes absolutely no sense, to the natural eye at least. But in my spirit I felt a rush of spring rain with refreshing flowers sweep over my soul. In my spirit I feel spring is here….no matter how the first weeks of January started as, no matter what it looks or feels like outside. No matter what the news say. No matter what past winter seasons have been like before. Because we are entering a time we have never been in and it is GOOD! VERY GOOD! I believe that with everything in me, and I know God is asking you to believe that to. For if we look upon this season with eyes of faith, with great expectation, we will not be disappointed.

A month ago I met two of my best friends for lunch, and while blessing the food I got a little carried away! Carried away? Me? I love to pray….I love to declare and decree God’s heartbeat. And whatever came out of my mouth was SO powerful one of my friends high-fived me haha! The three of us felt it, and we were speaking about the future, things that have not existed yet in our lives and we were speaking like they were already here! Come on somebody!! We were Romans four-seventeening at the table because there was a release of expectancy, a release of fresh hope, and a release that “miscarriage and barrenness will no longer be in our land.” (Exodus 23:25) It is time to TASTE and SEE that He is Good! It is time to step into the land of the living!

Hope is right here. It’s Jesus. It’s just Him. This is no longer about the promise or even what we can get from God because we give. This is about Becoming His Bride. If you’re still reading, I just declare over you now, Because God sees you and knows your name, I declare that the eyes of your heart be opened today and that a gentle breeze of Holy Spirit sweeps over you. I command the gift of faith to fill your entire being! I declare that when the winter storm comes, you only see beauty, you see joy, you see fruit and LIFE in Jesus Name!

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