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Hi! My name is Jessie!

I have a passion for kingdom connections in the areas of community, personal growth and development, and creative ministry. I have a listening ear and love spending time with others, ministering the heart of the Father in their lives. I am sensitive to Holy Spirit and the heartbeat of Heaven. I am called to awaken hearts and lead others into Jesus encounters. I am a natural nurturer, faithful friend, and enjoy serving and loving people. I have an eye for details whether coordinating events, learning new graphics, or admiring the works of my Creator. As an Enneagram type 2 I am my best when helping others, and I take great delight in being part of a team, fulfilling God's design and purpose. I am a futuristic dreamer with an amazing ability to see what something or who someone can be.


My heart is on fire for all things creative, and I feel called in this season to reignite gifts in women so that their creative calling is fulfilled. There is an inspirational flow of creativity leaping form my spirit. This blog and continuing to write and create and worship through other forms is just the beginning to releasing what the Lord has given me for His Kingdom Creatives!

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